JBL Surface Mount Subwoofer Control 50S/T

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  • Powerful Surface Mount Subwoofer: The JBL Surface Mount Subwoofer Control 50S/T is designed to deliver deep and impactful bass for your audio installations, providing rich and immersive low-frequency performance.
  • Wide Frequency Range: With a frequency range of 32 Hz to 200 Hz (-10dB) and 50 Hz to 150 Hz (±3 dB), this subwoofer captures the full spectrum of bass frequencies, ensuring a powerful and balanced sound reproduction.
  • High Power Capacity: The Control 50S/T can handle up to 300 Watts continuous program power for 2 hours and 150 Watts continuous pink noise for 2 hours, making it suitable for various applications and ensuring reliable performance.
  • Versatile Sensitivity: The subwoofer offers two sensitivity options, 95 dB (near corner) and 89 dB (center of wall), allowing you to adjust the output level based on your installation requirements.
  • Maximum SPL: Experience impressive sound levels with 115 dB average and 121 dB peak (near corner) and 109 dB average and 115 dB peak (center of wall), providing powerful bass presence in any space.
  • Transformable: The subwoofer comes with transformer taps, including 80W, 40W, 20W, and 10W @ 70V, as well as 8 ohm bypass/thru mode, offering flexibility and adaptability in different setups.
  • Durable Construction: The Control 50S/T is built with premium materials, including a polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround, and vented aluminum former, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Immerse Yourself in Deep Bass with JBL Control 50S/T Subwoofer

The JBL Surface Mount Subwoofer Control 50S/T is the perfect addition to your audio installation, delivering powerful and immersive bass performance. Whether for commercial spaces, public venues, or home theaters, this subwoofer enhances your audio experience with precise and impactful low frequencies.


Specification Details
Frequency Range (-10dB) 32 Hz – 200 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 50 Hz – 150 Hz
Power Capacity 300 Watts Continuous Program Power (2 hrs)
150 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (2 hrs)
200 Watts Continuous Program Power (100 hrs)
100 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (100 hrs)
Sensitivity 95 dB (near corner)
89 dB (center of wall)
Maximum SPL (1m) 115 dB average, 121 dB peak (near corner)
109 dB average, 115 dB peak (center of wall)
Impedance 8 ohms (in bypass/thru mode)
Transformer Taps 80W, 40W, 20W, (& 10W @ 70V), 8 ohm bypass/thru
Drivers 200 mm (8 in) with polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround, 38 mm (1.5 in) 4-layer copper-clad coil, vented aluminum former
Input Connectors Six removable locking 2-pin connectors with screw-down terminals. Max wire 12 AWG (2.5 mm2)
Enclosure Top, bottom, front & bottom: Structural plywood
Port & terminal panels: MDF
Grille: Painted zinc-plated metal

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