Hello, We are Established 2011 - Dubai United Arab Emirates

Hi, my name is Ziad and I am the founder and CEO of amplimart.com witch is a member of our Hitech group of companies owned and managed by I-Trust Systems Established in 2011 in United Arab Emirates, specialized in Audio and Video Equipment, Home Automation, VR, XR, AI and Hitech products

In our online store you will find everything looking for related to HiFi devices and Pro-Sound, Home Cinema Equipment, Commercial Audio, with amazing free consultation services and many gifts and offers all the way, please don't hesitate to contact us for any feedback or suggestion about our services and products line.

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Planning, Site Survey, Implementation, and Supplying all kind of famous home cinema equipment starting with audio and video equipment and control interface.


Study, Supply and Implementation all kind or acoustic and soundproofing material with wall treatments for studios, media room, schools, home cinema, gyms and fitness center.


Biggest mart in the middle east for pro-audio equipment with prestige brand, available at, if you want any help to design your solution please speak with us.