JBL Control 40CS/T High-Impact, Passive In-Ceiling 8" Subwoofer

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  • Powerful Bass: The JBL Control 40CS/T delivers deep, impactful bass performance that enhances your audio experience.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Experience low frequencies ranging from 32 Hz to 300 Hz, ensuring a rich and immersive sound.
  • High Power Handling: With an IEC System Long-Term Rating of 200 Watts Continuous Program Power and 100 Watts Continuous Pink Noise, this subwoofer can handle demanding audio setups.
  • Flexible Transformer Taps: Choose from 80W, 40W, 20W, and 10W (at 70V only) to suit different volume requirements.
  • Impressive Sensitivity: Enjoy 95 dB sensitivity (near corner) and 89 dB sensitivity (center of ceiling) for outstanding audio performance.
  • Multiple Connectivity Options: The Control 40CS/T features screw-down removable locking clip-in connectors for easy and secure termination.
  • Expandable Sound: Connect up to 2 or 4 Control 42C satellite speakers for a complete and powerful audio setup.
  • Complete Accessories Included: C-rings, tile rails, paint shield, cutout template, and grille are provided for smooth and convenient installation.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to withstand high-impact use, the Control 40CS/T is built to last.
  • Sleek Design: The white color seamlessly blends into any ceiling, maintaining a clean and unobtrusive look.

Elevate Your Audio with JBL Control 40CS/T

Experience bass like never before with the JBL Control 40CS/T High-Impact, Passive In-Ceiling 8" Subwoofer. Designed to deliver powerful low frequencies, this subwoofer is the perfect addition to your audio system, whether it's for a restaurant, nightclub, or conference room. With a wide frequency range and high power handling, the Control 40CS/T ensures a remarkable audio experience that captivates your audience. Its versatile transformer taps and expandable satellite outputs allow you to customize your sound setup according to your needs. Enjoy the impact of premium sound and elevate your audio to a new level with JBL's trusted quality and performance.


Specification Value
Frequency Range 32 Hz - 300 Hz
Power Rating IEC System Long-Term Ratings (low-Z direct):
200 Watts Continuous Program Power
100 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (400W peak), 100 hr
Sensitivity 95 dB (near corner), 89 dB (center of ceiling)
Transformer Taps 80W, 40W, 20W (& 10W at 70V only)
Impedance 8 ohms (in bypass mode)
Drivers 200 mm (8 in) subwoofer
Termination Screw-down removable locking clip-in connector
Satellite Outputs Connectors for 2 or 4 Control 42C satellite speakers
Included Accessories C-rings, tile rails, paint shield, cutout template, grille
Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) 332mm Diameter x 338mm Depth (13.1 in x 13.3 in)
Transformer Taps 80 W, 40 W, 20 W, (& 10 W @ 70V), plus transformer bypass
Maximum SPL (1m) 109 dB (low-impedance, 115 dB peak, center of ceiling)
115 dB (low-impedance, 121 dB peak near corner)
108 dB (70V/100V, center of ceiling)
114 dB (70V/100V near corner)
Input Connectors 6 removable locking 2-pin connectors with screw-down terminals
Color White

Elevate your audio experience with the JBL Control 40CS/T. From its powerful bass response to its versatile transformer taps and expandable satellite outputs, this passive in-ceiling subwoofer delivers a complete and immersive sound solution. Whether it's for entertainment venues, corporate spaces, or houses of worship, the JBL Control 40CS/T ensures that every beat is felt and every note is heard with exceptional clarity and impact. Redefine your audio setup and make a lasting impression on your audience with JBL's renowned sound engineering expertise.

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