QSC Acoustic Design AD-P6T

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  • AD-P6T: The QSC Acoustic Design AD-P6T is a versatile ceiling speaker designed for indoor use, providing high-quality audio reproduction and wide coverage.
  • Effective Frequency Range: With an effective frequency range of 55 Hz to 20 kHz, this speaker offers full-spectrum sound reproduction, delivering both clear highs and powerful lows.
  • High Sensitivity: The AD-P6T features a sensitivity of 88 dB at 4m, ensuring efficient sound conversion and excellent audio output.
  • Wide Coverage: With a rated coverage of 135° conical DMT™, this speaker provides even sound dispersion, reaching a large audience without compromising on audio quality.
  • High SPL: The speaker can handle a maximum continuous SPL of 106 dB and a maximum peak SPL of 112 dB, delivering dynamic and impactful sound.
  • Transformer Taps: The AD-P6T comes with multiple transformer taps, allowing for easy integration with different audio systems and power levels.
  • Durable Construction: The speaker is built with impact-resistant ABS enclosure material and features a powder-coated steel grille, ensuring durability and protection.
  • Easy Installation: The Euroblock connector with parallel output makes installation simple and efficient, while the compact and lightweight design adds to its installation versatility.

QSC Acoustic Design AD-P6T


The QSC Acoustic Design AD-P6T is a powerful and reliable ceiling speaker, designed to deliver exceptional audio performance in indoor environments. With its wide coverage and high sensitivity, it is an excellent choice for various commercial applications and installations.


Effective Frequency Range: 55 Hz – 20 kHz
Rated Noise Power / Voltage: 60 watts / 31 volts (rms)
Sensitivity [dB] (rated @4m, 100V maximum tap): 88
Rated Coverage (-6 dB): 135° conical DMT™
Directivity Factor: 6.5
Directivity Index [dB]: 8
Maximum Continuous SPL [dB]: 106
Maximum Peak SPL [dB]: 112
Nominal Impedance [ohms]: 16
Recommended Amplifier: 120 watts
Transformer Taps / Impedance: 16Ω (in bypass setting) 7.5W (70V); 15W (100V) Tap: 667Ω 15W (70V); 30W (100V) Tap: 333Ω 30W (70V); 60W (100V) Tap: 167Ω 60W (70V); N/A (100V) Tap: 83Ω
LF Transducer: 165 mm [6.5-inch] weather-treated paper cone woofer
HF Transducer: 19 mm [0.75-inch] aluminum dome tweeter
Input Connector Type: Euroblock connector with parallel output
Enclosure Material: Impact Resistant ABS
Grille Material: Powder coated steel
Ingress Protection: IP-34
Operating Environment: Designed for indoor use
Operating Temperature Range: -20 to 50° C [-4 to 122° F]
Net Weight: 4.1 kg [9 lb]
Product Dimensions (Diameter x Height): Ø 287 x 323 mm [Ø 11.3 x 12.7-inch]
Shipping Weight: 5.4 kg [11.8 lb]

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