QSC Acoustic Design 2 Way loudspeaker System AD-S4T

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  • Superb Audio Performance: The QSC AD-S4T loudspeaker system features a 4.5" woofer and 0.75" silk dome tweeter, delivering exceptional audio quality with precise clarity and balanced sound reproduction.
  • Wide Coverage: With a 120° conical coverage, this speaker provides extensive sound dispersion, making it suitable for various applications where broad coverage is needed.
  • High Power Handling: The AD-S4T can handle up to 50W RMS, ensuring reliable and robust performance, capable of meeting the demands of various sound setups.
  • Multi-Tap Transformer: This loudspeaker system supports 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm operation, offering versatile connectivity options for seamless integration into different audio systems.
  • Award-Winning X-Mount System: The AD-S4T includes the acclaimed X-Mount system, recognized for its efficient and secure mounting, simplifying the installation process.

QSC Acoustic Design 2 Way Loudspeaker System AD-S4T


The QSC AD-S4T is a high-performance loudspeaker system designed to deliver exceptional audio quality and extensive coverage for a wide range of applications. With its versatile power handling and award-winning X-Mount system, this speaker offers a seamless and reliable audio solution, making it a perfect choice for various indoor and outdoor installations.


Woofer: 4.5-inch
Tweeter: 0.75-inch Silk Dome
Power Handling: 50W RMS
Frequency Range: 68 Hz - 20 kHz
Peak SPL Output: 110 dB
Dispersion: 120° Conical
Transformer Taps: Supports 70V, 100V, or 8-Ohm Operation
Included Accessories: Award-Winning X-Mount System

The QSC AD-S4T loudspeaker system sets a new standard in audio performance, providing excellent sound quality and wide coverage. With its 4.5" woofer and 0.75" silk dome tweeter, this speaker reproduces clear and balanced sound across the entire frequency range. Its high power handling ensures reliable and robust audio performance, making it suitable for a variety of applications. Whether used indoors or outdoors, the AD-S4T delivers impressive sound dispersion, thanks to its 120° conical coverage. The inclusion of the award-winning X-Mount system simplifies the installation process, making this speaker a top choice for professional audio setups in commercial spaces, restaurants, retail stores, and more.

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