KEF KASA500 Class-D Dual 250WPC Amplifier

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  • Powerful Class-D Amplifier: The KEF KASA500 is a high-performance Class-D dual 250WPC amplifier, providing robust and clean power to your speakers for an immersive audio experience.
  • Flexible Crossover Control: With adjustable crossover frequencies from 40Hz to 140Hz or software bypass, you can fine-tune the sound to match your preferences and room acoustics.
  • Multiple Input Options: The KASA500 offers selectable stereo RCA line level, mono LFE RCA level, and stereo speaker level inputs, providing versatility and compatibility with various audio sources.
  • Bridgeable for More Power: The amplifier can be bridged to deliver 1 x 500W at 8 ohms, allowing you to power larger speakers or subwoofers with ease.
  • Compact and Sleek Design: With its black color and compact dimensions of 88 x 432 x 304mm (3½ x 17 x 12 in.), the KASA500 seamlessly integrates into your audio setup while adding a touch of elegance.

Experience Power and Precision with KEF KASA500 Amplifier

Elevate your audio system with the KEF KASA500 Class-D Dual 250WPC Amplifier. This powerful amplifier delivers clean and dynamic sound to your speakers, enhancing your music and movie listening experience. With flexible crossover control and multiple input options, you can tailor the audio to suit your preferences. Bridgeable for more power, the KASA500 ensures impressive performance even with larger speakers or subwoofers.


Specification Details
Colour Black
Crossover Frequencies 40 - 140Hz or software bypass
Inputs Selectable stereo RCA line level, or mono LFE RCA level; Stereo speaker level
12 Volt Trigger Input Voltage 8 to 14 Volt DC@1.5mA max ⅛" diameter female plug (tip positive or tip negative)
Recommended Amplifier Power 2 x 250 watts 4 ohms; Bridge 1 x 500 watts 8 ohms (<1% THD)
Amplifier Power 2 x 250 watts 4 ohms; Bridge 1 x 500 watts 8 ohms (<1% THD)
Product External Dimension (H X W X D) 88 x 432 x 304mm (3½ x 17 x 12 in.)
With feet: 92 x 432 x 304mm (3⅝ x 17 x 12 in.)
With rack ears; 2 EIA rack space: 88 x 483 x 304mm (3½ x 19 x 12 in.)
Weight 4kg (9 lbs)
Unit Measurement Piece

Discover the power and precision of the KEF KASA500 Class-D Dual 250WPC Amplifier and take your audio experience to the next level. With its sleek design and advanced features, this amplifier is the perfect addition to your high-quality audio setup.

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