KEF Ci160.2CL Uni-Q Driver Array In Wall Speaker

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  • Immersive Audio: The KEF Ci160.2CL In-Wall Speaker with Uni-Q Driver Array delivers a captivating audio experience with its advanced driver technology.
  • Wide Frequency Response: Enjoy rich and detailed sound across the entire audio spectrum, from 52Hz to 20kHz (+/-6dB) in an open-backed design.
  • Uni-Q Driver Array: The speaker features a 160mm (6.5in.) Uni-Q driver for exceptional sound dispersion and precise imaging.
  • Sleek and Discreet: With a flush-mounted design, the Ci160.2CL blends seamlessly into your interior décor, providing a clutter-free look.
  • Enhanced Amplifier Compatibility: The speaker is compatible with amplifiers ranging from 10W to 100W, providing flexibility for various setups.
  • Easy Installation: The Ci160.2CL comes with cut-out templates and mounting instructions for hassle-free setup.
  • Optional Accessories: Enhance performance with optional Rough In Frame (RIF160L) and Rear Enclosure (RNC160L) for optimized sound delivery.

Experience Audiophile Sound Quality

Transform your living space into a concert hall with the KEF Ci160.2CL In-Wall Speaker. This speaker redefines audio excellence with its Uni-Q Driver Array, ensuring every note and detail reaches your ears with precision. Whether you're listening to music or watching movies, the Ci160.2CL delivers an immersive audio experience that will leave you in awe.


Specification Details
Nominal Impedance 8 Ohms
Sensitivity 89dB (2.83V/1m)
Frequency Response 52Hz - 20kHz (+/-6dB) open-backed
Crossover Response 2.5kHz
Drive Units LF: 160mm (6.5in.) Uni-Q
HF: 16mm (0.6in.)
Recommended Amplifier Power 10-100W
Product External Dimensions (H x W x D) 303 x 223 x 88.7 mm (11.93 x 8.78 x 3.49 in.)
Cut-out Dimensions (H x W) H x W: 274 x 194 mm (10.79 x 7.64 in.)
Mounting Thickness Ceiling Thickness (Maximum): 30mm (1.19 in.)
Ceiling Thickness (Minimum): 3mm (0.12 in.)
Mounting Depth From Surface 84.5mm (3.33in.)
Optional Rough In Frame RIF160L
Optional Rear Enclosure RNC160L
Net Weight 1.6kg (3.5lbs)

Elevate your audio experience with the KEF Ci160.2CL In-Wall Speaker. Its discreet design and high-quality sound reproduction make it the perfect choice for audiophiles and interior enthusiasts alike. Create a harmonious blend of technology and aesthetics in your living space and indulge in unparalleled sound quality with KEF.

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