JBL Control Series Pendant Subwoofer C60PS/T

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  • Powerful Sub-Bass: The JBL Control C60PS/T delivers deep and impactful sub-bass frequencies, adding a new dimension to your audio experience.
  • Wide Frequency Range: With a frequency range of 42 Hz to 350 Hz, this pendant subwoofer covers a broad range of low frequencies.
  • High Power Handling: The C60PS/T can handle up to 300 Watts Continuous Program Power, ensuring robust and reliable performance for extended periods.
  • Flexible Transformer Taps: The rotary tap-selector switch allows for convenient adjustment of transformer taps, making it compatible with various audio setups.
  • Standalone Hookup: The subwoofer can be easily connected to input connectors, and it features a built-in low-pass filter for optimal sound output.

Immerse Yourself in Deep Bass

Enhance your audio system with the JBL Control Series Pendant Subwoofer C60PS/T. Designed to deliver powerful sub-bass frequencies, this pendant subwoofer will bring depth and impact to your audio content. With a frequency range of 42 Hz to 350 Hz, the C60PS/T ensures that you feel every beat and experience your music, movies, and events in a whole new way.


Specification Value
Frequency Range (-10dB) 42 Hz – 350 Hz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 55 Hz – 125 Hz
Power Rating 300 Watts Continuous Program Power, 100 hrs
150 Watts Continuous Pink Noise, 100 hrs
Nominal Sensitivity (2.83V/1m) 88 dB
Maximum SPL (1m) 107 dB @ 1 m (3.3 ft) average, 113 dB peak
Impedance 8 ohms
Transformer Taps 110W, 55W, 30W (& 15W@70V). Set via rotary tap-selector switch (70V/100V taps along with direct 8
Transformer Insertion Loss 0.98 dB @ 15W, 0.99 dB @ 30W, 0.94 dB @ 55W, 1.10 @ 110W
Standalone Hookup Connect to Input connector; built-in low-pass filter permanently engaged. Loop Out in parallel with Input connector (pre low-pass filter) for sending to additional speakers.

Feel the power of deep bass with the JBL Control C60PS/T. Whether it's for music, movies, or events, this pendant subwoofer will elevate your audio experience and immerse you in the heart-pounding rhythms of your favorite content.

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