JBL Control 12C-VA Professional Series 3" 40W Passive Ceiling Loudspeaker

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  • Professional Audio Performance: The JBL Control 12C-VA delivers high-quality sound with its 3" driver, ensuring precise audio reproduction for various applications.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Experience rich and detailed sound from 68 Hz to 17 kHz (-10dB), perfect for both music and speech.
  • High Power Capacity: With a continuous program power of 40 Watts and a peak power of 80 Watts, this ceiling loudspeaker can handle demanding audio requirements with ease.
  • Multiple Tap Settings: The 70V/100V tap settings allow for versatile installation options and efficient sound distribution in large spaces.
  • Wide Coverage Angle: The 130° conical coverage angle ensures even sound distribution, providing consistent audio quality throughout the listening area.
  • Optimized Directivity: With a directivity factor (Q) of 9.8 and a directivity index (DI) of 7.4 dB, the Control 12C-VA offers focused sound projection and reduced sound dispersion.
  • EN54 Compliant: The loudspeaker meets EN54-24 standards for voice alarm systems, ensuring reliable performance in emergency situations.

Elevate Your Audio with JBL Control 12C-VA

Elevate your audio experience with the JBL Control 12C-VA Professional Series Passive Ceiling Loudspeaker. Designed for professional applications, this ceiling speaker delivers outstanding sound performance, making it an ideal choice for conference rooms, retail spaces, and more. With its wide frequency range and high sensitivity, the Control 12C-VA reproduces audio with exceptional clarity and precision. The multiple tap settings and optimized directivity ensure that the sound is evenly distributed, reaching every corner of the room. Experience premium audio quality and reliable performance with the JBL Control 12C-VA.


Specification Value
Frequency Range (-10dB) 68 Hz – 17 kHz
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 95 Hz – 15 kHz
Power Capacity (at low-Z) IEC System Long-Term Ratings (low-Z direct):
40 Watts Continuous Program Power
20 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (80W peak), 100 hr
Rated Noise Power 15W (15W tap)
Rated Noise Voltage 70V/100V (with 70V/100V tap settings)
Sensitivity 84 dB (1kHz - 16 kHz)
EN54 Sensitivity (@ 4m): 72 dB (per EN54-24 spectrum and measurement conditions at 4 meters.)
Coverage Angle 130° conical
Coverage Angels(by Frequency)Conical (Vertical & Horizontal) 500 Hz: 180°
1000 Hz: 175°
2000 Hz: 170°
4000 Hz: 160°
Reference Axis Specification and measurement reference is directly on-axis vertically and horizontally, directly below the speaker as speaker it is installed in the horizontal ceiling plane
Directivity Factor (Q) 9.8
Directivity Index (DI) 7.4 dB
Maximum SPL (1m) 97 dB (low-impedance, 103 dB peak)
94 dB (top 70V/100 tap)
EN54: 84 dB (4m, top 70/100V tap)
Impedance 8 ohms (in direct/bypass setting)

Elevate your audio system with the JBL Control 12C-VA Professional Series Passive Ceiling Loudspeaker. From its precise audio reproduction to its wide coverage angle, this ceiling speaker offers exceptional sound quality and distribution for various professional settings. With its high power capacity and multiple tap settings, the Control 12C-VA ensures reliable performance in diverse applications. Meet your audio needs with confidence and let this JBL loudspeaker create an immersive audio experience in your space.

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