JBL Ceiling Speaker Control 12C/T

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  • High-Quality Ceiling Speaker: The JBL Control 12C/T is a premium ceiling speaker designed to deliver outstanding audio performance with its advanced components and design.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Enjoy a frequency response of 68 Hz – 17 kHz (-10 dB) and 95 Hz – 15 kHz (±3 dB) for clear and detailed sound reproduction.
  • Powerful and Efficient: With a power rating of 40 Watts Continuous Program Power and 20 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (80W peak) for 100 hours, this speaker ensures high-quality sound output with reliability.
  • Versatile Transformer Taps: The Control 12C/T offers transformer taps of 15 W, 7.5 W, and 3.8 W @ 70V and 100V, making it suitable for various installation setups and power requirements.
  • High Sensitivity: The speaker has a sensitivity of 84 dB (1kHz - 16 kHz), delivering clear and impactful sound even at lower power levels.
  • Adjustable Coverage Angle: The speaker provides a wide 130° conical coverage angle, ensuring even sound distribution throughout the listening area.
  • Durable Construction: The ABS baffle with UL94-V0 and UL94-5VB flame class fire rating and zinc-plated steel backcan ensure long-lasting performance and safety.
  • Easy Installation: The speaker comes with a cardboard cutout template and optional accessories like new construction brackets and mud-ring construction brackets, making installation hassle-free.
  • Available in Two Colors: Choose between White or Black to match the aesthetics of your space.
  • Plenum Usage: The backcan is included, and the speaker is suitable for use in air handling spaces, meeting safety requirements.

JBL Control 12C/T Ceiling Speaker

The JBL Control 12C/T Ceiling Speaker is a versatile and high-performance audio solution designed for ceiling installations. With its wide frequency range, powerful output, and adjustable coverage angle, this speaker is perfect for a wide range of applications, providing clear and immersive sound in commercial and residential spaces alike.


Frequency Range (-10 dB) 68 Hz – 17 kHz
Power Rating 40 Watts Continuous Program Power
20 Watts Continuous Pink Noise (80W peak), 100 hr
Transformer Taps 15 W, 7.5 W, 3.8 W @ 70V and 100V (& 1.9 W @ 70V only)
Frequency Response (±3 dB) 95 Hz – 15 kHz
Sensitivity 84 dB (1kHz - 16 kHz)
Coverage Angle 130° conical
Directivity Factor (Q) 9.8
Directivity Index (DI) 7.4 dB
Maximum SPL (1m) 97 dB (low-impedance, 103 dB peak)
96 dB (top 70V/100V tap)
Impedance 8 ohms (in direct/bypass 8Ω setting)
Drivers 76 mm (3 inch) with polypropylene cone, butyl rubber surround, Kapton™ voice coil former, high temperature voice coil, aluminum coupling ring for low distortion and HF extension
Input Connectors Removable locking 4-pin connector with screw-down terminals. Max wire size 12 AWG (2.5 mm2)
Connector Wiring Pin 1 = + In; Pin 2 = - In; Pin 3 = + Loop Thru; Pin 4 = - Loop Thru
Strain Reliefs Strain relief for two cables or two flex conduits via coupled clamping mechanism
Materials ABS baffle with UL94-V0 and UL94-5VB flame class fire rating. Zinc-plated steel backcan
Safety Agency UL1480, UL2043, NFPA90 & NFPA70; S7232/UL Listed, Suitable for use in air handling spaces, Signaling Speaker; Transformer UL registered per UL1876; ROHS, C-tick N108, CE compliant; Baffle meets UL94-V0 and UL94-5VB flammability rating; In accordance with IEC60849/EN60849 systems
Dimensions (Diameter x Depth) 196 mm diameter x 138 mm depth from back of baffle (7.7 in diameter x 5.4 in depth)
Ceiling Cutout Size 170 mm (6.7 in) diameter (cardboard cutout

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