Denon AVC-X3800H - 9.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver

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  • Unparalleled Audio Quality: The Denon AVC-X3800H 9.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver delivers an immersive audio experience that brings your entertainment to life with breathtaking clarity and detail.
  • 8K Video Support: Experience the future of video with the AVC-X3800H's 8K video capability, ensuring stunning visuals for your movies and games.
  • Efficient Power Management: The AVC-X3800H is designed with energy-saving features, consuming only 60W (ECO On) and 100W (ECO Off) during no-sound operation.
  • Seamless Network Integration: Enjoy network connectivity with minimal standby consumption, providing convenience and eco-friendliness.
  • Intuitive Remote Control: The included RC-1253 System Remote Control offers easy operation without the need for a separate LCD display.

Immerse Yourself in Cutting-Edge Entertainment

Elevate your home entertainment experience with the Denon AVC-X3800H 9.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver. Designed to deliver an unparalleled audio and video performance, this receiver sets new standards for cinematic enjoyment in your living room. With support for 8K video, every detail of your favorite movies and games comes to life on your screen. The AVC-X3800H combines advanced audio technologies with seamless network integration for an experience that will leave you mesmerized.


Specification Value
System Remote Control RC-1253
Pre-Programmed, Learnable, LCD Display No, No, No
Power Consumption in W 660W
Power Consumption No-Sound (ECO On / Off) in W 60W / 100W
Standby Consumption in W 0.1
CEC Standby Consumption in W 0.5
Network Standby Consumption in W Less than 2.0
Maximum Dimensions Antenna: Horizontal: (W x D x H) in Inches - 17.1 x 15.3 x 6.6
Antenna: Vertical: (W x D x H) in Inches - 17.1 x 15.3 x 9.3
W/O Antenna: (W x D x H) in Inches - 【 17.1 x 14.9 x 6.6 】
Weight in LBS 27.6
Weight in LBS (Packaging) 33.3

Step into the future of home entertainment with the Denon AVC-X3800H 9.4 Channel 8K AV Receiver. Combining cutting-edge technology with a stylish design, this receiver promises to deliver a theater-like experience in the comfort of your home. From jaw-dropping 8K visuals to powerful and immersive sound, the AVC-X3800H is the ultimate centerpiece for your entertainment system. Get ready to be blown away by the captivating performance and unparalleled quality of the AVC-X3800H.

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