BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller with 8 Buttons and Volume Control

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  • BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller: The BSS EC-8BV is a versatile Ethernet controller designed to offer seamless audio system control.
  • 8 Buttons and Volume Control: With 8 programmable buttons and dedicated volume control, the EC-8BV provides comprehensive control options for audio sources, zones, and settings.
  • Enhanced Connectivity: Designed for integration into networked audio systems, the EC-8BV facilitates remote control and monitoring from compatible devices.
  • Efficient Power Consumption: The EC-8BV consumes a maximum of 300mA at 48VDC, offering efficient power usage for reliable operation.
  • Long Network Cable Length: Supporting network cable lengths of up to 328 feet (100 meters), the EC-8BV offers flexibility in device placement within audio setups.
  • Easy Power Requirements: The controller requires power within the range of 44–57VDC and a certified POE power adaptor with 13W power output.
  • Recommended Ethernet Cable: For optimal performance, use VW-1 rated Ethernet cables with 48VDC and 13W compatibility.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: The EC-8BV operates effectively in temperatures ranging from 0º to 45º C (32º to 113º F), ensuring reliable performance in various environments.

BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller

BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller:
Buttons: 8 programmable buttons
Volume Control: Yes
Maximum Network Cable Length: 328 feet (100 meters)
Power Consumption: 300mA max at 48VDC
Required Power: 44–57VDC, 13W (certified POE power adaptor)
Recommended Ethernet Cable Wiring: VW-1 Rated, 48VDC, 13W
Operating Temperature Range: 0º to 45º C (32º to 113º F)

The BSS EC-8BV Ethernet Controller offers comprehensive control over audio systems with its intuitive button layout and volume control. With its efficient power consumption and wide operating temperature range, it's a reliable solution for managing audio in various environments.

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