BSS BLU-50 4x4 Signal Processor with BLU link

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  • Compact and Efficient: The BSS BLU-50 4x4 Signal Processor is a half-rack unit, offering a space-saving and efficient solution for your signal processing needs with 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs.
  • Advanced Signal Processing: With logic processing and a signal processing capacity of 400 MHz, this processor ensures precise and fast audio signal control and manipulation, improving the overall audio performance.
  • Flexible Connectivity: Featuring GPIO and RS-232 capabilities, this processor allows for advanced control and automation, making your audio system more versatile and responsive.
  • Easy Configuration: The BLU-50 supports software-based configuration, enabling easy setup and adjustments to suit your specific audio system requirements.
  • BLU link Compatibility: This signal processor comes equipped with BLU link connectivity, allowing seamless integration with other BLU link compatible devices, expanding your audio distribution possibilities.

BSS BLU-50 4x4 Signal Processor with BLU link

Enhance your audio system with the compact and powerful BSS BLU-50 4x4 Signal Processor. With its advanced signal processing capabilities, GPIO and RS-232 support, and BLU link compatibility, this processor provides efficient and flexible control over your audio signals.

Chassis: Half rack (single space, half-width)
Custom I/O (card based): No
Analog Inputs: 4
Digital Inputs: 0
AEC Inputs: 0
Analog Outputs: 4
Digital Outputs: 0
Telephone Connection: 0
Max Inputs/Outputs: Fixed
Config: Software
LCD Display: No
Logic Processing: Yes
RS-232: Yes
Signal Processing (MHz): 400
Cobranet: No
SWL Digital Audio Bus: 48
Dante: No

The BSS BLU-50 4x4 Signal Processor is a powerful half-rack unit, offering efficient signal processing for your audio system. With 4 analog inputs and 4 analog outputs, this processor allows for precise control and manipulation of your audio signals.

Its logic processing capabilities, combined with GPIO and RS-232 support, empower you to implement advanced control and

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