BSS BLU-326 I/O Expander with BLU link and Dante / AES67 / EN 54-16 Compliant for Life Safety Applications

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  • Advanced Signal Processing: The BSS BLU-326 I/O Expander offers versatile signal processing capabilities with up to 16 analog inputs, 16 digital inputs, 16 AEC inputs, 16 analog outputs, and 16 digital outputs, ensuring precise control and distribution of audio signals in your networked audio system.
  • Customizable I/O Options: Featuring card-based custom I/O, this expander allows you to configure the inputs and outputs according to your specific audio system requirements, providing a tailor-made solution for your installations.
  • Comprehensive Connectivity: The BLU-326 supports up to 4 telephone connections, making it ideal for conferencing applications and enhancing communication capabilities in your setup.
  • EN 54-16 Compliance: This I/O expander is EN 54-16 compliant, making it suitable for life safety applications, ensuring reliable and safe audio communication in critical situations.
  • Intuitive LCD Display: With an integrated LCD display, this I/O expander facilitates easy access to essential information, settings, and configuration options, streamlining the setup and control process.
  • Logic Processing and RS-232: Equipped with logic processing and RS-232 capabilities, the BLU-326 enables advanced control and automation, making your audio system more flexible and efficient.
  • Dante and AES67 Compatibility: This I/O expander is compatible with Dante and AES67 protocols, offering seamless integration with Dante/AES67 audio networks for expanded audio distribution possibilities.

BSS BLU-326 I/O Expander with BLU link and Dante / AES67 / EN 54-16 Compliant


Upgrade your networked audio system with the BSS BLU-326 I/O Expander. With its advanced signal processing capabilities and customizable I/O options, this expander provides precise control and distribution of audio signals in a single rack space unit.

Chassis: 19" (single rack space)
Custom I/O (card based): Yes
Analog Inputs: Up to 16
Digital Inputs: Up to 16
AEC Inputs: Up to 16
Analog Outputs: Up to 16
Digital Outputs: Up to 16
Telephone Connection: Up to 4
Max Inputs/Outputs: 16
Config: Software
LCD Display: Yes
Logic Processing: Yes

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