BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor with AEC

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  • Professional Conferencing: The BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor with AEC is specifically designed for professional-grade audio conferencing with 12 AEC inputs, ensuring superior audio quality and clear communication in conferencing environments.
  • Versatile Connectivity: With 8 analog outputs and support for RS-232 and GPIO, this processor offers versatile connectivity options, enabling seamless integration and control in your conferencing setup.
  • High-Performance Processing: Powered by a 400 MHz signal processing speed, the BLU-101 delivers efficient and reliable signal processing, ensuring top-notch audio performance in your conferencing applications.
  • SWL Digital Audio Bus: The SWL Digital Audio Bus capacity of 48 channels facilitates smooth digital audio transmission between devices, allowing uninterrupted communication in your conferencing system.
  • Full-Bandwidth Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC): The BLU-101 features advanced Full-Bandwidth AEC, reducing echo and providing exceptional audio clarity for an immersive conferencing experience.

BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor with AEC

Experience professional-grade audio conferencing with the BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor featuring Full-Bandwidth Acoustic Echo Cancellation. This powerful processor offers 12 AEC inputs, providing clear and natural communication in conferencing environments.

Chassis: 19" (single rack space)
Custom I/O (card based): no
Analog Inputs: 0
Digital Inputs: 0
AEC Inputs: 12
Analog Outputs: 8
Digital Outputs: 0
Telephone Connection: 0
Max Inputs/Outputs: fixed
Config: Software
LCD Display: no
Logic Processing: yes
RS-232: yes
GPIO: yes
Signal Processing (MHz): 400
Cobranet: no
SWL Digital Audio Bus: 48
AVB: no

The BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor with AEC offers a comprehensive solution for high-quality audio conferencing. With 12 AEC inputs, this processor ensures crystal-clear communication in conferencing environments, enhancing the overall conferencing experience for all participants.

Designed for flexibility, the BLU-101 provides 8 analog outputs and supports RS-232 and GPIO for seamless integration and efficient control in your conferencing audio system. The processor's 400 MHz processing speed ensures reliable and high-performance signal processing, delivering outstanding audio quality for your conferencing needs.

With the SWL Digital Audio Bus supporting up to 48 channels, this processor facilitates smooth digital audio transmission between devices, guaranteeing uninterrupted and fluid communication in your conferencing setup. Additionally, the advanced Full-Bandwidth Acoustic Echo Cancellation Algorithm further improves audio clarity and reduces echo, resulting in superior conferencing experiences.

Experience professional audio conferencing solutions with the BSS BLU-101 Conferencing Processor, backed by innovative technology and tailored to meet the demands of modern conferencing environments.

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