Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer

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  • Powerful 1000W Amplification: The Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer is equipped with a 1000W Class D Hypex amplifier, delivering deep and impactful bass for an immersive audio experience.
  • Aerofoil™ Cone Bass Driver: The subwoofer features a high-performance 10-inch Aerofoil™ cone bass driver, ensuring precise and distortion-free bass response.
  • App-Based Set-Up and BT-LE Control: Easily set up and control the subwoofer using the dedicated app, providing convenient adjustments and customization options.
  • Wide Frequency Range: Experience an extended frequency response from 10Hz to 350Hz (-3dB), allowing you to feel the lowest rumbles and enjoy punchy bass across the range.
  • Multiple Input Options: The subwoofer offers versatile connectivity with 2 XLR inputs, 2 RCA inputs, 2 3.5mm 12V trigger inputs, and an RS-232 9-pin D connector.

Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer

Take your audio system to the next level with the Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer. This active closed-box subwoofer system delivers impressive low-frequency performance, ensuring that every bass note is rendered with precision and power.

Dimensions: Height: 377mm (14.8 in) including feet
Width: 360mm (14.1 in)
Depth: 368mm (14.5 in)
Net Weight: 26kg (57.3 lb)
Technical Features: 1000W Class D Hypex Amplifier
1x ø250mm (10 in) Aerofoil™ Cone Bass
Digital Preamplifier with Dynamic EQ
App-Based Set-Up and BT-LE Control
Frequency Range: -6dB at 8.5Hz - 500Hz
Frequency Response: 10Hz - 350Hz -3dB (centered on level at 100Hz)
Power Consumption: 1/8th of rated power: 195W
Standby: <0.5W
Max Power Output: 1000W
Inputs: 2 x XLR
2 x RCA
2 x 3.5mm 12V Trigger
RS-232 - 9-pin D Connector
Input Impedance: RCA: 10 kOhm
XLR: 20 kOhm
Signal/Noise: 82 dB
Finishes: Cabinet Finishes: Gloss Black, Satin White, Rosenut
Grille Finishes: Black, Grey, Black

The Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer is designed to complement your existing audio setup, delivering impactful bass that adds depth and realism to your favorite music, movies, and games. With a 1000W Class D Hypex amplifier, the subwoofer ensures powerful performance, immersing you in a world of thunderous sound.

Featuring a 10-inch Aerofoil™ cone bass driver, the DB 4S delivers precise bass response with reduced distortion, allowing you to feel every beat and rumble. The subwoofer's wide frequency range, from 10Hz to 350Hz (-3dB), guarantees that no low-frequency detail is missed, enhancing your audio experience to new heights.

Controlling the subwoofer is easy with the app-based set-up and BT-LE control, providing you with access to various customization options and real-time adjustments. The multiple input options, including XLR, RCA, 3.5mm 12V trigger inputs, and RS-232 connector, ensure seamless integration with your existing audio system.

Choose from a variety of elegant finishes, including Gloss Black, Satin White, and Rosenut for the cabinet, and Black or Grey for the grille, to match your personal style and home decor. Elevate your audio setup with the Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) DB 4S Powered Subwoofer and experience bass like never before.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Shaikha Al Hammadi

Awesome integration with your existing speakers, creating a cohesive and balanced audio experience.

Ali Al Hashemi

Excellent power handling capabilities, providing ample headroom for demanding soundtracks.

Yasmin Al Sharif

Amazing depth and richness in the bass notes, immersing you in the music like never before.

Omar Al Mansoori

Good balance between power and control, delivering a tight and well-defined bass response.

Aisha Al Wahedi

The best companion for action-packed movies, delivering spine-tingling bass effects.

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