L1 Pro32 Portable Line Array System with Sub2 Powered Bass Module 230V

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  • Straight-Shaped Line Array: The BOSE L1 PRO32 Portable Line Array features a straight-shaped line array design for exceptional sound dispersion.
  • Integrated Power Base: Equipped with an integrated mixer and power base, this system delivers convenience and performance in one unit.
  • Immersive Subwoofer: The 18x10" RaceTrack designed sub driver ensures powerful and precise bass response for a captivating audio experience.
  • Audio Balance: Experience direct and off-axis audio balance, providing consistent sound quality across different listening positions.
  • Easy Setup: Lightweight and user-friendly, the L1 PRO32 offers effortless setup and versatility for various events.

Unleash Your Sound

The BOSE L1 PRO32 Portable Line Array, 230V, UK, is a cutting-edge audio solution that empowers you to deliver captivating performances. With its advanced technology and versatile features, this system is perfect for a wide range of applications, including live performances, events, and presentations.


Line Array Design: Straight-shaped line array for even sound dispersion
Integrated Power Base: Power base with integrated mixer for convenience and performance
Subwoofer: 18x10" RaceTrack designed sub driver for powerful bass
Audio Balance: Direct and off-axis audio balance for consistent sound quality
Setup: Lightweight and easy setup for various events
Mixer: 3-channel mixer with Bluetooth streaming, microphone, line, and instrument inputs
Integrated EQ: Integrated system EQ for fine-tuning your sound
ToneMatch Compatibility: Port for T4S & T8S ToneMatch Mixers
Included: Includes bag, slip cover, and SubMatch cable


Elevate your sound with the BOSE L1 PRO32 Portable Line Array. Designed for performers, presenters, and audio enthusiasts, this system brings a new dimension to your sound experience. Make your mark on the audience with the dynamic and versatile L1 PRO32.

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